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A strong recommendation

I was very pleased with this company, from the initial consultation to final cleanup. They removed 23 trees on my property and ground all the stumps. Their price was very fair and they provided pIenty of workers and all the necessary equipment. I expressed concern with grinding some stumps down far enough, as I’ve had a bad experience in the past, and they made sure I was satisfied. They were also very pleasant about leaving me as much wood as I wanted.  I enjoyed watching the calculated method with which they felled the trees. Safety was obviously a concern. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone without hesitation. – From Angie’s List

A good natured crew

Felled and removed  5 very large white pines and one very tall oak.  At least 3 of the trees were diseased.  Cleaned property to a state better than when they started.  The trees were probably 100’+ and very close to the house.  At the last moment I wanted to be reassured our house was safe and asked Michael if there was any risk.   He smiled, kind of gave me a look and said something to the effect of “this is what we do”.  It looked as though they put the trees down only millimeters from where they intended.  The crew was extraordinarily efficient, helpful and good natured.

Janice F. from Dennis via Yelp

We can’t say enough for Michael and his crew, they removed five large oak trees in a very tight space and did it without disturbing the backyard or decks. He pruned our favorite large oak to make it look like the stately oak it is. We thank Michael for working with us so we can create a wonderful backyard wedding.

Tom S. from Barnstable, via Yelp

We bought a big old house that had lots of deferred maintenance.  In particular there were a number over dangerously overgrown trees that were starting to fall and threatening the house.  I tried two other tree services before I found Mike Gregoire and his crew.  I believe I have found the best in the area.  Over the last year they have taken down five dangerous pines (one of which had dropped a huge branch on top of my shed – an emergency call to Mike and it was all taken care of in hours despite snowy bad weather), ground the stumps below ground level and left the yard completely clean.  Very conscientious. Competitive rates.